What are Coffee Party Plans?

Home Party Plans have evolved significantly since they were introduced more than 50 years ago.

Are they still worth the time and effort?

YES, especially when you are selling products that are in high demand such as COFFEE.

Do you have a Fear of Selling?  

Coffee Home Business Benefits

  • Avoid the commute to and from a traditional workplace giving you more time to enjoy with the family.
  • Low operating costs plus Tax Benefits offset your regular home utility bills.
  • Flexible working hours give you an increased opportunity to schedule time for rest and exercise activities to reduce stress and promote better health.
  • Low Start-Up Cost makes party plan businesses much cheaper than a franchise business. Home Party business is quick and easy to Scale Up or Scale Down as required.
  • You can wear everyday casual clothes or even you PJs; you're the Boss so you choose what suits you.
  • Having you own business offers greater income and growth potential as all the effort you put-in is directly of benefit to you, you're not working to make someone else rich.
  • Working from home selling coffee and tea gives offers great flexibility to grow your business at your own pace. Getting started is relatively inexpensive saving you heaps of money when compared to many other small businesses.

Share Premium Coffee with friends and Make Lots of Money

How many cups of coffee does the average person drink a day?


Taste the difference of our coffee made from premium Panamanian rain forest coffee beans. Request a FREE SAMPLE today! Join us and experience the taste of PARTY PLAN SUCCESS with on-going support from our team of highly successful mentors. Earn extra money hosting parties from home, it's easy to get started and fun to do.

How to Make Extra Money with Coffee Home Party Business

The Sisel Kaffe party plan business is simple and highly rewarding. It allows you to have fun while making money from the comfort of your home. You'll be able to purchase Sisel products at 50% off with your First Order of $100 or more!

Better still, would you like to get your Coffee or Tea for FREE?

Simply refer three friends or associates and you get yours for free it truly is that easy. When your three personally enrolled distributors place an order of $100 or more you earn a Sisel product of your choice.

Best Home Party Businesses

There are so many party plan businesses to choose from how do I know which one will suit me? Start by searching for businesses that sell product that people use everyday, that are well paid and provide a high level of support. After you have selected two or three businesses that match your criteria arrange to speak with real people in those businesses.

Are you like most young moms that would love to give up their fulltime jobs and stay home with their kids?

A Home Party Plan business based on sharing coffee will enable you to earn a good income. Independent Sisel Kaffe distributor Mary Brown says, "One of the best decisions I ever made was to join this coffee home party plan. It enables me to earn a good income and stay at home with my pre-school children. All it took to become successful in this amazing home based coffee business was consistent effort, i.e. having a little discipline to continue even when you are not feeling like it. So if you need some extra money to support your family and you are prepared to do the necessary work this coffee and tea based home party business will certainly deliver the goods."

Most of all you should join an inspirational team that supports each other and have fun sharing coffee at home parties free from silly targets. The Sisel Kaffe startup kit contains everything you'll need to build your own coffee business. You don't need previous sales experience we'll provide you with all the training you need to be successful.

Are you looking to earn extra income?

Would you prefer to work with a company that believes in eco friendly sustainable products that are animal cruelty free and contain no toxic chemicals? If you are self-motivated and can consistently work towards your financial goals you will find success with this commission-based party plan. It gives you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you like. You can schedule work activities around your family's needs. No sales experience required, extensive training and mentoring is provided. In addition to very generous compensation plan payments you'll have the opportunity to enjoy company supported international travel, car allowance and lifestyle bonuses.

Home Party Consultant Opportunity Selling Coffee

Have Premium Coffee and Tea delivered right to your front door - How good is that? Furthermore, it's one of the best ways to make a good income working from home. Check out the video that shows how easy it is to Work from Home with Sisel Kaffe.

OK maybe this is not for everyone but those who want more in their life, the ones who have a vision and are prepared to work for it will succeed. This opportunity will also appeal to entrepreneurial-minded go-getters who understand the timing in business matters, i.e. those who want to take full advantage of a growing trend in direct sales!

If you are hungry for more than you are currently earning you can have it, YOU JUST HAVE TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and give it a try. We'll be there to help you be successful and earn extra money. So if you're looking for a new opportunity and you're willing to learn we would love to chat to you.

Home Based Work Opportunity Sharing Coffee & Tea

There are so many ways to make some extra money with a party plan business. You can host traditional home coffee and tea parties; you can also explore other avenues such as fundraisers, hair salons, spas, gyms and health & fitness centers, and direct person-to-person sales. Selling healthy coffee and tea is truly something you can do from home in your spare time. The benefits are clear, help people get healthier, and increase your own health and wealth. Most people drink several cups of coffee and/or tea on a daily basis so there's no shortage of potential customers. Come join this great coffee home party opportunity today!

Having fun in your coffee home party business is a huge benefit of joining Sisel Kaffe as an independent distributor. How many people can truly say that they enjoy their work and party for a living? Making sure that your hostess has fun too is something you can control by offering alternatives to a traditional home party. Ramp-up the FUN with a multi-host home party either at your home or at a larger public venue, e.g. a coffee shop. Multiple host parties give your guests the opportunity to review a wider range of products in a relaxed party atmosphere at the same time in one location. They are a huge time saver for everyone involved. Furthermore, the co-hosts get to spend a couple of hours away from their home, away from kids & their everyday lives. Even better they don't have to clean the house before and after the party, what a great BONUS! Occasionally breaking out of the traditional home party routine can be a lot more fun for everyone!

The Home Party Plan Business Model continues to be a good way to earn extra income

While Home Party Plan businesses began many decades ago they are still very alive and kicking. Tupperware one of the all-time favorite party plans is still going strong today. However the way these home party businesses are conducted has under gone some dramatic changes. 25+ years ago the most successful Tupperware distributors typically held five in-home parties and contacted 5 to 10 prospective team members each and every week, with the objective of recruiting at least 2 new distributors per week. Product ordered at the parties was delivered to the host who then had to deliver them to the guests. Distributors received their commission payments by check in the mail on a monthly basis.

The business world is constantly evolving especially since the advent of the digital age (i.e. high speed communication and the Internet). Likewise, party plan companies have changed the way they do business to take advantage of the latest technology and stay competitive in today's marketplace.

Home Party Sales in the Digital Age

In-home parties are held less frequently with the average distributor holding just one or two events per month. There's a move toward virtual parties and customers placing orders directly online, even regular auto-ship of consumable item. A big advance in convenience is the shipment of orders directly to the customer's home address.

These days training is more often conducted via webinars and Skype group calls rather than local team meetings. Heaps of training material is accessible via corporate websites, Facebook and YouTube. Developing a strong relationship with distributors and an increased focus on coaching and mentorship is essential. Virtual training online makes is easy to build a team of party plan distributors across the country and around the world. It's possible to run your entire business via a smart phone or tablet wherever there is a reasonably good Internet connection.

Physical hard-copy materials such as catalogs, brochures and business cards are still used but to a much less extent. All these items and much more are now available online. The market leading party plan companies have introduced MLM style compensation plans that reward team building as well as individual sales. Home party business consultants receive their commission payments weekly paid directly into their bank accounts.

The home party plan business model led the way in the work-from-home sector for many decades, however there are many enhancements in the way this business is conducted in the digital age that takes party plans to a whole new level. These days the home party business model brings the income opportunities of direct sales together with a fun party atmosphere at someone's house. Customers gather to socialize with their friends and complete strangers in the home of a host while viewing a product demonstration. Hopefully the party plan consultant gets to take a good number of product orders. Before the party winds-up there a little time spent planning future parties and recruiting new hosts.

A major attraction of home party businesses is that they are easy to run, require very little investment to get started and they are ideal for young moms looking to start a small part-time home-based business. Additional benefits of becoming a party plan consultant include Flexible Hours, Generous Multi-Level Compensation plan, Quick return on investment and the potential to generate a long-term residual income stream.

Party Plan Consultant Opportunities with Sisel Kaffe

Become a Home Party Plan Consultant selling coffee and have a fun time with friends while putting extra cash in your pocket. Sisel Kaffe offers independent distributors (i.e. party consultants and hosts) the chance to spread the word about their premium, great tasting coffee & tea products while earning a good legitimate income from their efforts. So can I hear you asking, "How does the Home Party Business work?"

By becoming a direct sales consultant with Sisel Kaffe (promoting Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee) you will Be Your Own Boss and you will have an opportunity to build something great. You decide when you want to work and how much you want to earn. Signing up is simple and can be done in just 5 minutes. You pay just $150 for a starter kit that contains $300 worth of coffee and tea products plus marketing materials. Then you plan your first home party; Contact your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and invite them to a tea & coffee tasting party. You'll have a good time because you can let Sisel Kaffe's great-tasting coffee and tea products sell themselves. Yes, they really are that good! Guest hosts receive a discount and/or gifts for helping you with this home party business. You will earn a minimum of 30% commission on all of your sales.

Another option is to distribute brochures to people in your neighborhood and collect product orders. Host a party and earn rewards! Take advantage of the generous host program and get FREE coffee and tea products. You can also purchase up to four half-priced items.

In conclusion, I hope you will agree that this Coffee Home Party Business is one of the best legitimate ways to Make Money from Home.